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Help my husband fight cancer 

We need a living liver donor.


My name is Shiqiao Wang. Yi Jia is my husband. We’ve known each other since middle school and got married in 2017. He is the most loving, intelligent, enthusiastic, and charitable person I know.


He came to the US to pursue a degree in education because he wanted to bring change to the world. Alongside his research, Yi co-founded an online education company to bring better education to underprivileged regions. Over the past two years, Yi has helped thousands of disadvantaged kids to receive affordable online education through his company. We are incredibly proud of his work, and we look forward to many more years of love, giving, and changing lives. But now, Yi desperately needs your help.

Last October, he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer after bringing him to the ER due to fever and intense abdominal pain. Doctors said it was too late, the cancer cells were scattered in the whole liver. It was impossible to remove the tumor by surgery and there was not much they could do other than using chemotherapy to prolong his life. After a year of treatment and evaluation, he did an awesome job to maintain his health, and the medical team recently provided us an opportunity, a potential liver lobe transplant plan. This is his ONLY CHANCE to be cured of this terrible disease. 

Waiting for a deceased donor is long and arduous. And unfortunately, I cannot donate my liver to him because my blood type doesn't match his, and our parents have passed the suitable age for liver donation. Therefore, the ONLY option to SAVE his life is to find a living liver donor who has an A or O blood type.

The window is CLOSING. Yi is currently going through his 7th month of chemotherapy. But generally, chemotherapy can only control the spread for 9 months on average, which means if we cannot arrange the surgery in 6 weeks, cancer will be highly likely to escape, and we will MISS the only chance. He needs your help ASAP!

Our greatest hope lies with the generous souls who are willing to help us by FOLLOWING, LIKING, and SHARING Yi's story on any platform and ASKING others to do the same. The more people who see his story, the greater our chance of finding a match. ​

And please feel free to get in touch with us via liverforyi@gmail.com or leave your message here.

We shall be grateful if you can provide any sort of help.


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Basic Requirements

  • Blood Type: A or O

  • BMI: ≤30

  • Age: 18-55

  • Gender: no restriction

  • Race: no restriction


* Donors will undergo a thorough

   evaluation to avoid any risk


Vicki Garcia

Transplant coordinator at NMH

(312) 695-0340




100% survival / No Mortalities

at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Donors only need to stay in hospital for 2-3 days

The liver will fully grow back in 2-3 months

The complication rate within the first year is only 28%

95% of complications resolved without any disability

Donors can return to work, exercise, can eat anything, can have babies, and do not need medications for life

All medical costs will be covered by our insurance

All financial loss will be reimbursed by related organization

More information provided by NWH Organ Transplant Center:

If you, or someone you know is interested in learning more about liver donation,

PLEASE contact Vicki Garcia (the donor transplant coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital), or visit https://www.nm.org/livertransplantation

IMG_5956 2.jpg
Shiqiao W.
Yi's wife

​I met Yi in middle school 16 years ago and we got married 4 years ago. We were planning to have a baby before a diagnosis shattered our dreams. I don't understand how a late-night stomach ache can turn into a nightmare, and I certainly don't believe how all this can happen to such a great person.


We wish to have a cute baby; we want to help countless underprivileged kids access high-quality and affordable education; we want to have a bunch of cats and dogs; we want to have a big backyard for his favorite BBQ party; we want to travel and explore the world, side-by-side, hand-in-hand...He is still young, and our journey has just started.


Please help us! A portion of a living donor's liver is enough to save his life!

Trina E.
friend & colleague
Doctor of Philosophy 

I met Yi and Shiqiao several years ago when they came to the Midwest in search of finding the best fit for pursuing a lifelong passion for innovative and equitable education. I saw Yi rise to every challenge presented to him, always eager to understand more and inquisitive in all the best ways, reading deeply and across perspectives, and engaging in conversation and debate.

Even though they chose other routes of study, we were able to stay in contact, and I am proud to call Yi a colleague. His dedication to innovative and meaningful education opportunities for all, especially those who have historically not had equal access, is inspiring and humbling.

Yi and Shiqiao bring light and smiles wherever they go, I hope that is able to continue for many years to come. I can only hope the right person is found soon to allow that light and impact to continue to thrive.

Ningchao W.
friend & classmate
Postdoctoral Scientist

Yi and I went to the same middle school, high school, and college. His wisdom, optimism, and selflessness have always inspired me for almost 20 years. Yi dedicates himself to educating and helping people, and he really does. He has helped thousands of people by providing better education and lowering the threshold of the study opportunity with his knowledge, concept, and technology. 

I am still shocked by his illness and can not believe this has happened to a friend who is young and has a bright future. I wish this is a joke followed by the "April fool". I wish this is a dream, which will be awakened by the delicious meal that he cooks for me. I wish I have the same blood type as his and can donate a portion of my liver. However, there is nothing I can help except for praying for him and hoping a miracle could happen to him.

I beg you could at least join me to pray for him, to help me save this person, who is a loving husband, a brilliant scholar, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and a lifetime friend of mine.

Yurou W.
Assistant Professor

I’ve known Yi and Shiqiao for almost five years. We are from the same hometown and share the same dialect. If you happen to know Chinese culture, people from our hometown are seen as the most humorous and happiest people. You can definitely see these delightful characteristics from the lovely young couple.


Yi is such an optimist. Even though he is suffering from severe cancer, you cannot see it from his face. He still tells funny stories that make people laugh. He still dedicates himself to working and taking care of his students. His wife, Shiqiao, my best friend, is the strongest woman I have ever met. You know you can count on her anytime, but right now, she needs help. She is working hard day and night to take good care of Yi and find a liver donor.


Please join us to support Yi, a loving husband, a bright young scholar, and an admirable teacher. We cannot bear to lose him. Your kind decision can change the future of a family!



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Donor transplant coordinator

Northwestern Memorial Hospital




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Chair of Transplantvillage



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